About Us

Studio Fox Linton is a world-renowned interior design practice that puts the same passion, craft and attention to detail into every job, whether it’s an apartment in London or a 5-star hotel in the Caribbean.

Studio Fox Linton continues to uphold the reputation and integrity that Mary Fox Linton has cultivated over the last 65 years. Since 2014, Studio Fox Linton has been run by Mary’s daughter Nicola Fox Linton, and in 2020 Fox Linton Associates became part of Studio Fox Linton. Together with her design partner Ellie Hall and the rest of the team, Nicola continues to enhance the studio’s reputation for considered, timeless design. 

Our Work

Our work respects the environment it sits in, is sophisticated and stylish with an emphasis on light and space. With keen attention to scale and proportion, each project is designed and finished to the highest standards. We are about quality, innovation and offering a bespoke service.

We see every client as an individual and treat every project as an opportunity to create a space that complements their unique personality and lifestyle. Whether it’s a family heirloom or a favourite sofa, if it’s important to you, we’ll build it into our design.

We have longstanding relationships with exceptional architects, surveyors, contractors and craftsmen, without whom it would be impossible to achieve the results that we, and our clients, expect. 


At Studio Fox Linton, we approach interior design with a keen eye on its environmental impact on the outside world. We use eco- friendly materials wherever possible, and rather than ignoring a building’s character, we always look for elements we can keep and incorporate into our design. Most importantly, perhaps, our work is designed to last. Our design ethos favours timeless style and elegance over fleeting trends.

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